My name is Angela and Affixed Studio is my creative venture that encompasses my love for design whether it’s on paper, at home, for an event or just in general.  A lot of my projects include me gluing, painting, affixing (ahem) one thing to another within my ‘studio’ which is wherever I need to be in order to complete the task at hand.

While I have always been interested in art in various forms, design is what allowed me solve visual problems and create things.  I received my BFA from Northern Illinois University with an emphasis in Visual Communication.  A lot of the projects seen on the site were requests from clients that allowed me to use my creativity to have their vision come to life for their event.  They trusted my experience, style and background to produce a product they loved.  Other projects on the site, especially home decor, are from my own home and turned out to be fun DIY projects.  There are also events that I have contributed to and designed specific materials for.

I plan to share some tips and ideas that reflect my design style, where I discover my finds and how I transform them to fit my lifestyle.  I will also show fun ways to make an event personalized and have a theme without going overboard.  So stay tuned for the fun blog ideas to come!

As a designer and creative person, I like to think that one of my ‘gifts’ is seeing what an item could potentially turn into with a little love, imagination and possibly spray paint.  A common theme you will see is mixing and matching — from new and old pieces, classic to modern styles, calm colors to colorful prints, peaceful places to loud events.  I have a lot of favorite things and make them all work together.