A Colorful Afternoon

There are some afternoons where you want to do something fun and creative.  While pinning random things on Pinterest, I stumble across things I did as a kid and remember how much fun it is.  However for me to take time and do it on my own didn’t seem like too much fun.  Then it dawned on my that I have two nieces who would probably like to do something fun!  So I bought stuff and the fun below happened on a couple afternoons.

Melting crayons is exactly what it sounds like, we simply taped our color scheme and applied heat and watched the magic happen.  We found that the glitter crayons added a nice touch of sparkle.  While the girls kept the board, I like having the photos of the melted result to possibly use as a printed piece that can be framed in the future.  The flamingo took a little more patience and skill to complete.  It was very ‘Let’s see what happens’ and very ‘Do not try this on your own’ — crayon ready to melt in my left hand and blowdryer in my right hand.

On another afternoon, I decided that tie-dying needed to make a come back and it was a  summer kind of thing to do.  Sometimes when I pick a theme I go with it.  So while our tie-dye items were transforming and waiting is boring, we baked tie-dye cupcakes!  Adding food coloring to the cake mix and scooping random color combinations created a fun snack.  Then the waiting time was over and we got to look over our fun creations, for them it was something different to do and for me it sparked something else for me to create!

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