A Shiny Surprise

A shiny surprise is what this table turned into, to say the least the table was brought home unexpectedly and not exactly wanted.  At the time, I believe my exact words were ‘there are already seven tables in this room’.  So once the other tables were eliminated and I saw what this table could be, my DIY craftiness started.

Now the table was worn in various spots, but that’s what gives it character.  Once I stripped the old stain off and sanded what needed to be sanded it looked really bare.  Personally, I am not a fan of natural, honey or anything light for wood — I like the richness of a deeper color.  I also am not a fan of five pieces of wood furniture being different colors, I like continuity.

So the table got stained, dried and stained again.  The second photo shows just the first round of staining, hence it  needed another round.  Since I like shiny things, the table also got a couple layers of polyurethane — high gloss of course!  The top coat brought out all those worn characteristics and allowed some of the stain to pull-up in different areas, that can be looked at as a happy accident (I have a lot of those).

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