Be Mine, Valentine!

Basically, I am a Valentine’s Day junkie!  I don’t know if it’s all the pink or the hearts or glitter, but I love it!  For me it’s a fun day to send cute things to my nieces or plan a crafty afternoon with them.  Sometimes it’s about planning a fun night with my friends and exchange random, fun gifts!  It’s definitely not about spending a ridiculous amount of money, which is probably why the holiday gets a bad wrap…

Pinterest, as we know, has a lot of fun ideas surrounding Valentine’s Day; it’s just a matter of picking something fun to do!  Baking cookies or creating a snack with pink candy pretty much does it.   Once again I love to wrap gifts; I’ll get heart wrapping paper, but I’ll mix it with another I have on hand to keep it fun.  I’ve found great canvas bags after the season super cheap and saved them for the following year to put gifts in — I like to plan ahead.

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