Floral, Leopard and Stripes… Oh my!

Floral, leopard and stripes… some would say ‘Oh, my!’ to mixing a lot of different patterns, but not me.  I love mixing and matching fun patterns and finding a connection between them so it doesn’t look too crazy.

The striped wall contains two neutral colors with two different size stripes alternating back and forth.  The stripes blend the grey from the living with the cream from the kitchen; the wall connects the two rooms together.  The easy fix would have been to paint grey until it met the cream kitchen walls, but that’s very fun and honestly would have drove me crazy.  Therefore, I had a little fun and mixed the two.

Gold is in a few different items, but ties the room together.  The floral wall decoration is gold, as well as the picture frame and the striped pillow.  The leopard print fabric contains gold and other neutrals, while the floral print adds a pop of color.  The picture frames are all different in texture, but have a balance with the color so the corner isn’t too heavy with only black or only gold.


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