Thank You, Here You Go!

A little ‘Thank you’ goes along way when people come to a celebration of any kind.  It’s also something fun to do and people generally enjoy it, they’ll probably find it later and remember what a fun time they had.  Some things are tedious, so you might want to do a trial run so you’re not awake forever!

Myself and others are definitely a fan of the candy kabob.  However after making a few different styles you become familiar with what works, what takes up enough space and what will fit in the very slim bag to wrap them.

Another fun ‘Thank you’ is a cute beverage for later.  You can use anything from water, sparkling cider, champagne, wine, beer, pop (soda) or anything else you can think of.  A simple label that says ‘Thank you’ is good enough or if there is a theme to the party that can be incorporated (here’s an example).  I think it’s fun to add the cute/trendy/decorative paper straws to the bottle.

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