Planning a Pizza Party Picnic

The third friday during May is National Pizza Party Day, coincidently that day fell on my birthday this year, which was perfect!  I love pizza, I love themed events and who doesn’t love a party?  Immediately, the ideas started to form and a pizza party picnic was happening.  I was probably on Pinterest and stumbled across events with balloons, picnic themed parties and checkered print everything – then my search began for such items for my event.

Not only was the weather perfect, but all of the details blended together perfectly to give an authentic picnic feel.  While I like the theme to shine during an event, I don’t think a fortune needs to be spent to achieve it.  Some of the items are not used on a regular basis, so why spend a ridiculous amount of money on them?  The picnic baskets, flower vases and the cookie/watermelon stand are all from thrift stores for super cheap.

There were too many details that were my favorite for this event, but I can say the pizza balloons and pizza cookies were at the top of the list.  I was able to find red checkered everything – from plates and napkins to paper straws and tablecloths, at that point I had to tell myself that was enough of the print.  Luckily, I found the right amount of pizza flavored or shaped snacks to have a fun variety; they were also great conversation pieces!  Selecting a theme helps keep planning structured, and for me, it helps me say ‘no’ to a lot of unnecessary details I would try to add.  So for your next party, try planning something fun with a theme!


A special thanks to those who joined in the fun for the Pizza Party Picnic!