Thrifty Transformations!


We always look forward to the end result of any task at hand, but there is always a process of getting there.  Now the process can be fun, but sometimes it’s a messy one!  I like to think I have the gift of transforming something not so nice into something pretty cool; after giving it a little love.  A flood of ideas pour into my head, and then I have a project and a vision to complete.  I was on a mission to find a chair to use as a decorative piece in my bedroom; I found this piece and the price was right.  And of course my bedroom walls needed something fun also, so I unexpectedly found some vintage plate holders.

The processing of removing old, gross stain is a process that is messy and also gross.  I somehow got involved in that process quite a few years ago when my dad pretty much let me re-stain all of kitchen cabinets and doors.  I suppose normal teenagers wouldn’t have loved that idea, but I think I was more concerned with him playing various Bob Dylan CD’s over and over when I probably wanted to listen to Blink-182 or Tool.  Needless to say, I learned to appreciate Bob Dylan and learned something new that summer that I still use to this day.

The chair needed a little wood glue so anything weighing more than a cat could sit on it.  Then, there was the process of removing all of the nail head detail — thankfully, I had received a tetanus shot the year before.  Once all of the nail head, staples and fabric were removed, the process of removing the chair’s existing stain began.  That process makes you realize how detailed the chair really is.  However, once those steps are complete, you can then pick out the fun details like fabric, but if you’re like me that step usually comes first…

When I re-finished the chair, I had what is sometimes called a ‘happy little accident’ — I had the chair all stained and needed to seal it with the clear, shiny top coat.  I could only find this American oak stain/polyurethane mix that had a top coat mixed in.  So improvising, because honestly I wanted to finish the chair, I used the American oak top coat.  I liked the end result a lot and will most likely try that again.  The chair has a slightly warmer tone to it and I think the grain stands out even more with the two colors blended.

While I was on the mission of finding a chair, I found one plate holder, then another and then a couple more.  I like when that happens, but I also like when I already own a plate that fits perfectly in one of the plate holders — who passes up a plate that says ‘hot mess’ at Urban Outfitters years ago?  Clearly, not me.  I also like when I find two other plates that fit my color scheme and represent things I like.  The plate holders only needed to be cleaned up a bit and a fresh coat of gold spray paint was applied.  Now all the pieces share a space and bring a smile to my face when I see them!